What is Project Challenge?

Since 1989, Project Challenge has been using experience-based team initiatives and simulations to genuinely engage and ‘challenge’ staff to improve team dynamics, while having a great deal of fun! These stimulating adventures can include: Challenge Courses, Power of Percussion, Sailing Regatta, Custom-Designed Simulations, Boat Building Adventure, Kayak Mystery Missions, Meeting De-Inhibitizors, Survivor Games, Adventure-To-Go, Car Race Adventures, and Way Off Broadway.

Where are the Workshops?

With our portability, Project Challenge will do programs on the beach, in parks, hotels … anywhere, even at your company. Project Challenge also uses Team Challenge Course sites that are located near you. Workshops can be a half day or more.

How many people can attend?

Project Challenge works with groups from 10-1000 in size. Designed to include everybody, the activities inspire participants to ‘let go’ and change how they relate with each other. The physical and team dynamic demands are tailored to your group and are always an ‘appropriate’ level of difficulty.

…And what can be accomplished?

When integrated with other developmental training, meetings, or outside consultants, adventure-based training can greatly enhance the learning experience. Using experienced corporate facilitators, our programs are customized to address: teambuilding, jump starting new groups, interventions, improving communication, leadership skills, change management, conflict resolution, building trust, and creative problem solving.

Call for more information!  1-800-379-4433

The key to our success has been our creative ability to tailor all of our programs specifically to meet the clients’ goals. The intent of this website is to give you an idea of the types of programs we offer, not to define the limits of our imagination. Pricing is based on the number of participants and the length of the program(s). Price quotes can be given immediately over the phone and proposals can be faxed within 24 hours. All Project Challenge programs use experienced corporate trainers.